eCommerce Industry Trends Report 2022

The Talkable team shares statistics and insights on how sales, referral program revenue, and customer behavior have changed over the last three years. The report is based on aggregated client data and US eCommerce trends in Apparel, Beauty and Cosmetics, Home Goods, Sporting Goods, and Groceries industries.

Report Highlights

"New Normal" for eCommerce Industry

We can finally say that the eCommerce industry is settling — rather comfortably — into a “new normal.” And today, we have a broader perspective of COVID’s effect on business. This is why we’re taking the opportunity to conduct a retrospective look at how the last three years shaped the new eCommerce reality. We conclude with our predictions for the future, including:


Customer Behavior

Many [brands] switched entirely to online shopping, some emphasized a more elevated omnichannel experience, and overall, [shoppers] chose independent local brands over market leaders.

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Beauty Industry

The beauty industry surged in 2020; In February 2021, sales got back to their “normal” early-2019 level. Sales volumes will continue the 2021 trend in 2022, however, the referral activity will remain lower than during the pandemic.


Food and Bev Industry

The grocery sector remains to be the most unstable in terms of sales volume. It experienced a myriad transformations, including the boom of delivery services (which is still a work in progress), and the desire to go DTC.


Sporting Goods

Rise of influencer marketing in the Sporting Goods industry as fitness trainers start their training programs, promoting clothing, equipment, and supplements.

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